The Friendless Five


MELANIE RECKER (Show Creator/Writer, Producer)

Melanie is an actress, writer and producer who was born in Canada, raised in Nebraska and currently resides in Los Angeles. As an adopted kid, she was always intensely curious and sleuth-y. No joke, when she was ten years old, she spent a year trying to figure out whether King Arthur was a real guy. Since she (sadly) didn’t go on to become an Archaeologist or Museum Curator, she figures she might as well live vicariously through characters who did. She also scratches the itch by collecting antique books and stamps and running a vintage clothing shop called Cluebelle. You can follow her adventuring on Instagram: @TheCluebelle



 MAGGIE F. LEVIN (Director)

Maggie is a film & theatre artist with rock n’ roll roots. Since arriving in LA, she has worked as a director, screenwriter, producer, concept artist & script reader. She is the co-creator of Chicks Who Script, a podcast about women in entertainment. In 2014, her production of “The Rocky Horror Hipster Show” played to sold out houses, and her film “LovesIck” began its’ festival journey. Awards include the Young Playwrights’ Inc. National Competition (Finalist), DUTF Audience Award (for direction of the play “America” by Kim Yaged), “Freaks & Geeks” Short Film Competition (Winner), and the 2015 Bright Ideas Magazine/Slamdance “Alphaville Remixed” Competition (Winner).



AUDEN BUI (Cinematographer)

Auden is a directing graduate of the School of Cinematic Arts at University of Southern California.  She has been involved in photography and cinema professionally since 2009. Her artistic interests have propelled her towards learning everything she can about cinema and all the arts that support it.  Whether it is designing clothing or sketching set designs, make-up, or lighting and editing techniques, she is dedicated to bringing these arts together into the whole that is film making. Ms. Bui attended the University of California at Berkeley, graduating in 2010 as a Film major.  Already an accomplished photographer, she won the prestigious Eisner Award at UC Berkeley for Photo-Imaging. In addition to the Irving Lerner Endowment Fund, she also received a grant from The Caucus Foundation and Charles and Lucille King Foundation for her MFA thesis, The Lost City of Tomorrow.  She has directed 9 shorts and been the cinematographer on numerous projects. She is currently writing her first feature and making plans for her next adventure to Antarctica.




BRAEDAN HERRERA (Producer, Editor)

Braedan graduated from Brooklyn College with the 2010 Best Sound Award and a Bachelor’s in Film Production. While at school, he worked at Professional Sound Services under six-time Emmy award recipient Richard H. Topham. He then moved on to sound mixing in the field working on such shows as Comedy Central’s Broad City, Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible and Nickelodeon’s Alien DawnBraedan’s directorial work includes the film Oceans, which went on to win the Jury Prize at the 2012 Columbia Gorge Film Festival. Additional awards include: Best Short at IFQ Film Festival (Co-Writer). Braedan continues to live the freelance life – directing, editing, screenwriting and sound mixing between LA and NYC.


DAVE HOLTON (Producer, 1st AD)

From an early age, Dave enjoyed writing, acting in theater, and making short films, but for a long time considered these to be little more than “creative outlets.” He instead earned a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University and worked for four years as an Engineer, building bridges up and down the east coast. Later, he graduated with a Master’s in Business from the University of North Carolina, after which he spent two years as a Management Consultant helping companies to develop strategies for Marketing, Sales, and Distribution. With nearly a decade behind him in business consulting and project management, he finally followed his heart into the film industry and to LA, where he’s been fortunate to connect with an amazing community of creative people. He’s worked on Short Films, Music Videos, Documentaries, and Feature Films as a Producer and as an Assistant Director, and he is also a Script Analyst, reading screenplays, teleplays, and books for Studios, Production Companies, and Contests. In his spare time, he writes and produces his own films.



NICKI KATZ (Casting Director)

Nicki’s recent work as a casting director can be seen in the feature, Excess Flesh, which will premiere at South By Southwest in March! Currently an associate on a feature with Donna Morong (Gone Baby Gone, The Princess Diaries), she has cast a number of award-winning short films and recently worked in the casting department of the Golden Globe-winning Amazon series, Transparent.